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Top 10 books I read 2021

Another year has passed. I could say 2021 was an even stranger than 2020. For me, it was a bit better. I was able to go to two conventions instead of one ,this year. I started the year working in a factory and ended the year with a desk job. In between all the craziness, I still managed to read 31 books. To end the year on a positive note, I wanted to share my top 10 read in 2021!

Bookcover Hunting Prince Dracula from Kerri Maniscalco. You see a mysterious lady and the background is Dracula's castle 10) Hunting Prince Dracula 8/10

I finished this book on January 12th 2021. Which means it was one of the first books of the year. It was also the second review on this blog. This book is part of the “Stalking Jack the Ripper”-series. And in my opinion the best book of that series. I read this book because I used to have a subscription to Illumicrate. They do items about this series from time to time.

Cover of Dangerous Remed by Kat Dunn 9) Dangerous Remedy 8/10

This is actually one of the last books of the year. The review is not even up yet. The same goes for book number six on this list. This book is one of the Illumicrate books I got last year. Only a few months ago, the sequel was released and I thought it is time to start reading the first one. The second book “Monstrous Design” will probably be for 2022, but I can’t promise anything.

Cover of The universe underneath.You see the remmnants of Antwerp with a bright light circle in the midle with Julian in. - BookDragon 8) The Universe underneath 8/10

Pen Stewart asked ‘Gent Leest’ if two people would read her book to review on their site. I was lucky enough to be one of them. It’s nice to read a book that is set in familiar cities but in a dystopian future. I do hope it won’t turn out that way for real. We will see what the future brings.

Cover of the sandman audio book b Neil Gaiman 7) The Sandman 8/10

This is more than just an audiobook It’s an audio experience. I like Neil Gaiman-books and this has a top cast performing it. When listening to it you feel drawn into this dark story. It already has a sequel, but I haven’t gotten to it yet.

Cover of Around the World in eighty days b Jules Verne 6) Around the World in 80 Days 8,5/10

Talking about a classic, right? This is one of those classics that has been waiting on the shelf for a while. In 2022 a new movie is about this book will be released. It has David Tennant in the role of Phileas Fogg. So it seemed like the perfect time for this amazing classic.

The cover, flames that make a shadow of a face with a flaming mountain on top and blue moons. 5) Phoenix Flame 8,5/10

The sequel to “Havenfall”. Which was the first Illumicrate book I read last year. When I heard there is a sequel, I really wanted to read it. “Havenfall” on its own didn’t feel like a complete story, so if you read one you should read both of them.

A head in a blue shadow with an orange light. A blue mist comes from the head and it has a film roll as an eye. - Bookdragon. 4) Mist 8,5/10

I read this book for the Hebban book club, and I am so glad I did. The way Eric Corton describes everything is so detailed, you can really envision every scene just like you are watching a movie.

You see the text Marion Pauw with underneath Vogeleiland and underneath that A face with an island as a mouth. 3) Bird island 8,5/10

This book came to me as part of a Hebban-buzz campaign. It was a really fun experience and this book really kept me on the edge of my seat.

Cover of 'The House Beneath the Cliffs' by Sharon Gosling 2) The House Beneath the Cliffs 8,5/10

The House Beneath the Cliffs” was part of the second blog tour I did. I loved doing blog tours this year and would like to do more in the coming years. This book really made me long for a trip to Scotland and made my foodie heart beat faster. Thank you Sharon Gosling for this experience.

A blue background with stars and vines. In the front you have the title and the name of the author. 1) The Invisible Life of Addie Larue 9,5/10

My favourite book of 2021 was actually released in 2020. I loved Addie as a character. The way she handles living with a curse is so admirable. Thank you V.E. Shwab for this amazing book. It will take some time until I find a book that will be better than this one.

These were my favourites of the year. Which books were yours?

Love BookDragon.

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