Cover of 'The House Beneath the Cliffs' by Sharon Gosling
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The House Beneath the Cliffs

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Cover of 'The House Beneath the Cliffs' by Sharon Gosling

Taking charge of your own life!

The Blog tour:

I read this book as part of the Dutch alternative blog tour. This means that I started reading this book from print-outs and got the paperback, with matching bookmark, on release day. I got all of these from the Dutch publishing house Zomer&Keuning. People who follow me on Instagram will already have seen the reels and photos about this. The second part of this blog tour is the lunch recipe that you can find in the Dutch other stories category. That’s a lunch recipe inspired by this book. Don’t worry if you do not understand Dutch. I am going to post an English reel for this recipe on Instagram and TikTok.


In this book, we read how Anna took charge of her own life after the death of her father. She leaves Geoff, with whom she had a toxic relationship for 20 years. And she buys a small house in a town she saw in her parents’ wedding album.

She thought her passion for cooking professionally would be over, after leaving Geoff’s kitchen. But an old cookbook, from the previous owner of the little house, and the friendly neighbours of Crovie inspired her so much that she eventually decides to open a small lunch club. This lunch club becomes so successful that she even gets a visit from her jealous ex.

Alas, tragedy struck. A big storm caused a landslide. Crovie gets cut off from the mainland and is mainly destroyed. Anna has to make a hard decision. Does she take the biggest job offer she ever got or does she stay with the people who supported her through thick and thin?

My opinion:

I am an Anglophile. This means I like a lot about British culture. And of course, I like travelling in Britain. Scotland always has a peculiar vibe that makes you feel welcome. I have only seen the big cities but even there, you feel like you are walking into a fictive world.

Sharon Gosling described that vibe so well. It felt like I was there or at least that I want to go there. I haven’t travelled since September 2019, but this book really gave me the feeling that I was on holiday.

The whole lunch club idea also made my foodie’s heart go faster. I do want to make a ‘Broonie’ from Bren’s cookbook someday, but I was asked to post my lunch recipe. So I made my version of a Surimi wrap. You can check it on my Dutch blog page or in the English reel on Instagram and TikTok.

I hope you enjoyed the book just as much as I did. Or If you haven’t read it yet, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Love BookDragon.

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