Cover of Body Language with mortuary tools
A. K. Turner / Thriller

Body Language

Rating: 4 out of 5.
Cover of Body Language with mortuary tools

The obduction assistant who reads the body language from corpses.

‘Body Language’ is the first book in the Cassie Raven series. Cassie is a young obduction assistant with a difficult past. Cassie was lucky enough to meet a mentor who helped her to get things straight. When this mentor ends up on het table, everything changes.

The death looks like an accident, but Cassie suspects there is more than meets the eye. Corpses tend to give her hints about their deaths. She wants to find the truth on her own. Her knowledge of human anatomy and the personal bond with this patient give her an unique perspective.

Can Cassie give her mentor the rest she deserves? Will she find what truly happened?

What is good about this book?

Cassie leads the investigation herself. The victim is also someone close to her. And this book is also written from Cassie’s perspective. I think these elements were chosen deliberatly because they bring Cassie’s back story in a natural way. It is the first book in a series about her, so that would be best way to introduce us to the main character. It also makes me curious about the next books.

The way it was written also makes it a very fluent read.

What could have been better?

You really had to read between the lines to figure out where the title came from.

The ‘unique’ point of this book would be that it is a thriller where the investigation is not run by a police force. I think I read books from Kathy Reichs and Harlan Coben like that. So not really unique.


I did enjoy reading this book, but not especially more than I would with another thriller. Cassie herself is a really fun character so I am curious about where she is heading in the next books. This victim was a good way to involve her and to present her, but this technique will not work in the next books. Where will it go?

I also want to thank Ambo Anthos for letting me be part of the prereading action for the Dutch version of this book.

The next two books are already published in English, should I read those or wait for the Dutch versions to come out?

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