About Us

Meet the BookDragon family

Hey everybody,

I am happy to present my family. Because I may make everything for this blog, but I couldn’t do it without them. Even with my love for books.

ComputerDragon – Jen

The ComputerDragon is my hubby Jen. He is an IT-er and helps me if I have technical questions about the blog. Next to tech support, is he of course my biggest emotional support as well. When I’m down, he is my positive ray of light that helps me move on.

OrangeDragon – Goose

Meet our tabby cat. The geeks among you could probably guess where his name comes from. Of course, it’s in reference to ‘Goose the Cat’ from ‘Captain Marvel’. This house tiger prefers to stay as close to Jen as possible but likes to ask for hugs when I am reading. That’s why he frequently appears on my socials.

TuxedoDragon – Puff

He is the furbaby that sticks to me the most. Puff thinks all my attention should go to him, so when I read he tries to disrupt that. Potterheads will know Pygmy Puffs, that’s the inspiration for his name. He comes from a fluffy family, so we thought that would be the perfect name for him. Alas, he has the shortest hair of his litter. His moustache is cute though. Should we have called him Hercule?

BookDragon – Maya

At last, myself. I chose the alias BookDragon because I hoard books like a dragon hoards gold. We recently moved and that made the scale of my collection clear. We have moved about 600 books in 30 boxes. That is also the reason why they get their own room in our new house. I also read too much to just call myself a bookworm.

You could describe me as a culture geek because I am always willing to get to know new fandoms through books, series, or movies. What is my biggest fandom? The first one I became a fan of, was the Wizarding World. This triggered my reading and collecting of books. When I still lived with my parents it stayed within some boundaries, but it exploded since I moved out.

What’s my goal with this blog?

This started as a way to write about my passion for reading. It escalated to a tool to practice my copywriting. Now it is kind of a portfolio for my writing. Let me know what you think of it!

It would be a real dream come true to work in the book world and I hope this blog can help me with it, but in the meantime, it is a way to write about books in my style.

I already got to do some blog tours and review some books for Libelle. What will the future bring in this regard? I hope as much as possible!

What can you still expect?

I try to upload a few times each month when I can with work and the cats. Most of the time it will be reviews, but I am also thinking of switching it up a bit and making a rubric with food. For those who already want to see different things, I would recommend the Hall of Fame and the book timeline. Let me know if you would like to see my top 100 best books of all time!

If you have suggestions for new posts, please let me know via the contact info below.

Love, Bookdragon