About Us

Who are we?

Hi there,

I’m a friendly book dragon who wants to tell the world about her passion for reading and writing. That is why my sweet hubby made this website for me.

You could call me a culture geek because I am always eager to read every fandom and watch series and films. What is my favourite or biggest fandom, you ask? My biggest fandom is the first one I got into, the Harry Potter fandom. This got me into reading and collecting books. As long as I was living with my parents it was within ‘normal’ levels but when I moved into my own place it exploded. Now I have 539 books and number 540 has been ordered.

The book hoarding is getting slower since the lockdown because I do not pass by bookshops that much. In 2021 I have only bought ‘Chosen Ones’ and ordered ‘Phoenix flame’.

Once I get that under control I will write a post on how I got that under control. So what else can you expect from my blog?

I will try my best to publish a new blog post every Sunday, but sometimes work and personal life might interfere. I am a busy book dragon that tries to juggle a job, studies and my home life with this blog. Luckily I have a nice hubby who helps and two cats who distract me.

The posts will be reviews of all the books I read, short biographies of authors I like and stories about reading.

The category ‘other stories’ will be about my habits when reading and so they might feature our little furry book dragons from time to time. I hope you don’t mind.

If you have suggestions for new posts, you can always let me know via the contact info below.

Love, Bookdragon